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Happy Birthday Mario!

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

Yeah! Our very own beloved Mario turned 20 yesterday. All of us have fond memories of the gaming character, and more importantly many like me have grown up playing Mario on our much beloved Video games. The Mario series of games have been the best selling franchise in gaming history with over 180,000,000 units of games sold featuring mario and some 100 instalments, be they platform adventures, puzzle games, or sport spin-offs. Eventhough, Mario made his debut in Donkey Kong ( 1981) Nintendo, had pronounced yesterday that 13th September as the Official Mario’s Birthday.

Happy Birthday once again and yeah! Did I forget to pull Mario’s leg – You are no longer a teen :))

Lazy Me

Tuesday, September 13th, 2005

Its been quite a while, since I posted the last post in my blog. I can’t figure out whether its my laziness, college studies and hectic schedule or just a way of life. But that doesn’t rule out the fact that I am quite lazy and ignorant too. Its almost a month now that WordPress, the blogging software used for this blog, has a new update in the form of 1.5.2 and I still haven’t upgraded to it. Let alone updating, I havent even backed up the database and blog ever since I have continued the blog on and my new webhost. Now I guess its high time for me to start working on these things. A backup is on its way in the late night or tommorow. Hopefully the WordPress 1.5.2 Upgrade too pretty soon. Anyways, keeping aside all these lesser things and getting back to a lil more blogging right away. Fingers Crossed :)>-

Goofup by Tata Indicom?

Saturday, September 3rd, 2005

Well what can I now say? I don’t think stupid goofups made by people ever leave me. If the Indiatimes laptop at a price of INR 4,000 /- seemed absurd, right now it seems to be a goofup from my ISP-Tata Indicom Broadband. Being a subcriber for a 64k Unlimited Connection and enjoying better speeds than even the ‘mere broadband-256 kbps’ as specified by the TRAI, I don’t have anything to compain. What started as a normal day with an early start at 7am, I first saw my download speeds shoot up by leaps and bounds. Seeing my download speeds go to as high as 110 kBps contantly, I quickly decided to download some files from some other servers to check whether everything is allrite. The same speeds seemed to follow me. Being still reluctant to believe that God has been so gracious on me, I ran a few Connection Speed test to check the same.

Here is a screenshot of the Speed Test.

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Download Speeds With Emule Running in the Background

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I dont have much to crib about Tata Broadband if I enjoy this speed for a longer time. The only thing I now hope is that this speed doesnt go away anytime soon. I am still unaware of the fact whether its really a goof-up from my ISP side or they have upgraded to a better plan for all 64k connections, whatever the case is ‘ ~~I am loving it~~

This for me has really been a good Saturday or a weekend so to speak. Now lets see how long does the honeymoon actually lasts.