Lazy Me

Its been quite a while, since I posted the last post in my blog. I can’t figure out whether its my laziness, college studies and hectic schedule or just a way of life. But that doesn’t rule out the fact that I am quite lazy and ignorant too. Its almost a month now that WordPress, the blogging software used for this blog, has a new update in the form of 1.5.2 and I still haven’t upgraded to it. Let alone updating, I havent even backed up the database and blog ever since I have continued the blog on and my new webhost. Now I guess its high time for me to start working on these things. A backup is on its way in the late night or tommorow. Hopefully the WordPress 1.5.2 Upgrade too pretty soon. Anyways, keeping aside all these lesser things and getting back to a lil more blogging right away. Fingers Crossed :)>-

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