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Compaq Presario Widescreen Notebook Ad on TV

Sunday, October 30th, 2005

Yeah I know this ad has been running quiet some time now. Its the same ad in which a cute chick accesses net in a coffee shop on her Widescreen notebook . And her dad signs in MSN Messenger. She goes about telling dad that she is mailing mom and dad her boyfriends pic. Everything fine with it, I dont need to tell what happens next. Quiet a good ad to showcase widescreen is *nice*. But what I noticed the last time I viewed is she mails the pic and tells that via MSN Messenger. Where are the Send file/image options in MSN Messenger gone? Forget uploading the images if its quiet a geeky thing. Could have just transferred via Messenger. How lame can you get with the MSN messenger.

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Goofups in Ads! lol !

Spare a thought for Dada…

Sunday, October 16th, 2005

You have got it right, how would Dada be feeling after being stripped of captaincy title? Amidst all the politicts going in the BCCI for all the wrong reasons, I feel Ganguly is made a real mock in the Media. This for sure would be something real hard to digest for Dada himself- Injury, Poor form, Dropped from Captaincy for 2 ODI series, Retirement questions. His lean patch has become to long and obvious now, that every other News Channel has something to say continuously about the tough road of Dada to the Indian team again and the new problems that keep falling on him. If that was not enough, now he is in a do-or-die situation in the upcoming domestic Duleep Trophy match to perform well. I cant possibly imagine what would be his state of affairs if he fails in the same, his ODI career would for sure take a back-seat for along time.

Atleast dada has some positives when the chips are down, test captaincy priveleges are preserved atleast till the next test series. I guess dada himself would be very thankful to God himself that he scored a century in the game against Zimbabwe.

I cant possibly imagine to what extent the politics in BCCI and Selection process too. Why was the team for first two ODIs supposed to be declared on 14th October and dadas fitness test to be conducted on 17th October? Why again have 15 player squad in a home series instead of the normal 14? So its for sure they wanted dada out of first two games, dunno whether it was to cover up for his poor form and to give a reason of injury for his absence in the squad or it was really done on merit keeping the injury in mind. All taken into consideration, I cant deny there is atleast *some* politics going on in the BCCI. And this time dada doesnt even have Dalmiya’s support.

All in all its a lose-lose situation for Ganguly IMO, if he doesnt fire in Duleep trophy, his ODI career takes a back seat, India wins the Srilanka and South Africa series under Dravids captaincy – Ganguly again doesnt have anything in his favor, if India loses – Ganguly may have some hope to get his captaincy cap back again.

I for sure wouldnt like to step in his shoes. Its definately the toughest time in his career where he needs to prove his credibility as a batsman. I hope the best for Indian cricket.

PS: These views popped up in my after landing at a site called while surfing. Do check it out, quite a nice place if you are in a anti-ganguly mood. Nice collection of jokes if you take them on a lighter note.

Finally good times….

Friday, October 7th, 2005

Its been quite a while being away from the blogging business. Finally it feels great to have some free time and get some much needed rest. Had been down with fever the whole week before the exams. Now since the exams have ended, I feel much better and relaxed, more importantly from the fact that i have fared well in the tests this times, fared even better to the best of my expectations !!

Just after the exams, I was off to Lamington Road with a friend to get a new rig for him. Owing to budget constraints he had to be satisfied with a modest AMD 64 2800+, Asus K8V-MX with 256MB RAM , a BENQ Combo Drive , 80Gb hdd and the keyboard, mouse and the speakers all within 17k INR except the monitor.

Quite a tiring day but I have just got enough in me to continue till mid-night watching some TV and getting back in touch with friends after a week or so in the IMs.

Just a couple of days break due to the weekends and the second innings of the Sem-3 starts.

Looking forward to enjoy the next couple of days. Fingers Crossed.