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Hell with electric wirings

Sunday, May 28th, 2006

Two days back, the laptop adapter decided to call it a day. I thought and even now assume it was coz of the aging effect. Got myself a brand new original Acer AC adaptor of the same ratings (19V @ 3.42A). Things went fine for a day until I decided to use my laptop in the office. There was a short power cut, but I decided to work on the inverter like I always used to do before.Plugged in the AC adapter and dang! I saw the freakin new adapter burning again. Heard some scratching noise and the green light on the adapter wasnt to be lit up again. The inverter was charged completely and we had fixed a few loose cabling things in here a few weeks back. God knows what caused it, fully charged battery or lack of earthing at the point from the time I last used the laptop at that point.

I aint getting the replacement before I am sure what caused it. I just hope the seller gets it replaced or gets the thing fixed soon.

Things are really not going well for me. Everythind bad happens at the same time together at a time when I decided i could just rest and do what I want to after the exams. If it isnt the ISP, or the exams, its your damn PC going bizzare all thanks to whatever caused the same.

Tata Indicom Broadband’s new face

Wednesday, May 24th, 2006

Yet again, I am writing about Tata Indicom Broadband. Went to their office to change my broadband plans. Got a nice ‘shift of Broadband section to near Akbarallys on VN Purav Marg’ sticker waiting for me. Even Tata realized what a waste of real estate their Broadband department was in their multi-storeyed building. So much that they trashed them 200 metres away from their main building.

The new office is just besides the Bata Showroom, near Akbarallys – Fort. Quite a lot of money had been put in apparently for no reason. So, now I realized that only thier new look on their website, was not the only change. All the staff were seen doing nonsense stuff, chatting on yahell, talking on phone with their gf’s and sipping tea. Pathetic to see, there were people waiting in queue on the first floor for God knows what reasons. And NO! I wasn’t at their place at lunch time, if you were wondering. The whole new staff had no clue how to go about things. I ended up explanining the procedures how things were done before. Paid my pending bills and submitted the plan change form.

I just hope they do the needed pretty soon and I get a lil better speed from what TRAI calls broadband. Hell I am paying 2k INR for this, it better be something nice with no hidden upload capping at 64kbps like BSNL Dataone.

One year

Sunday, May 21st, 2006

The blog is nearing the one year milestone. So has my laptop. It was exactly one year before I had got my laptop after being frustrated from the power fluctuations. I think it was one of my better decisions to use the laptop as a full fledged PC. I dont have any plans to work on a desktop system ever again.

Now that the laptop is one year old, it also means the end of the warranty period. It is surely not a good feeling to own a thing whose repairs can get quite costly if things go wrong. Luckily enough I have not faced any problems so far and managed to avoid any visits to the service center. And I only hope I never have to do that.

Over the year, blogging has been fun. Mostly it has been about the boring things going on in life, sharing things which I found cool and some not so cool, and ranting about things when they go wrong badly. That just sums it up and I wonder where would the blog lead to in the coming year.

MPAA Employs Piracy-Sniffing Dogs

Friday, May 12th, 2006

There is two new members in the fight against pirate DVDs: two black Labrador Retrievers named Lucky and Flo. The MPAA has backed the Federation Against Copyright Theft in training the two dogs to sniff out DVDs in packages coming into the United Kingdom.

lol, Check out the comment over at Betanews

Whats up with Tata Indicom Broadband?

Friday, May 12th, 2006

I get a feeling that Tata Indicom has completely forgotten about the basic fact that they run a ISP business and not some web services business via their customers. The list of their services which are accessible from the Tata Indicom Broadband id know no limits. Net Telephony, Web2SMS, Movies, Songs, Videos, Games, Online Encylopedia, Matrimonials – you name it. They have even started their own Domain Registration and Webhosting .

Its high time they get their wits together and do something about it. The tariff plans are a big joke and I dont even wanna talk about them. Stuck with them coz I have no other option to suit my requirements.

Sticker Free

Monday, May 1st, 2006

Vista Ready laptop logoWhile Microsoft has other plans to add more stickers on laptops sold by manufacturers – the addition of the ‘Vista Ready’ label reported by a theinquirer news story some weeks back. Now I have finally got rid of all the stickers on the laptop. It was kinda nice to have the laptop specs and see the bright and shining AMD logo for the first few months. But lately it had all got messy, a part of the Acer sticker had come out. So it made more sense to do away with them.

There is a nice feeling now to see the hand not resting on some stickers while typing.



Had this on mind from a long time now, better late than never.