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Yes, I am alive

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006

^^ and so would be this blog soon.

Show some sportsmanship Brian Lara!

Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

I had got into a habit of missing the ‘controversial’ things which happen sometimes in Cricket. But not tonight in the first test match of the India-WI test series. Indians were in search of some quick runs before declaring, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni came to the rescue. Dhoni hits half a dozen of sixes! And then gets ‘caught’ near the boundary. It was referred to the third umpire for confirmation. The video footage was unconclusive and the decision making was left to the onfield umpires, after all the discussion between the umpires, players and the umpires, players and players, Asad Rauf finally decided to move on with the game with Dhoni being not out. Brian Lara obviously didnt like the decision by the looks on his face. Lara continued to remain adamant and confronted to Dhoni even after the ‘decision’ was made for the time being.

What was Lara doing after that? Taking the ball and walking away? I have no clue. Dhoni obviously was right in staying on the field. If there is no conclusive footage that the batsman is out, the decision is supposed to go in the Batsman favour. Obviously, gone are the days when player admits that he has taken the catch cleanly to give a batsman out.

The fate of the Dhoni’s hit was still uncertain till they got back to the pavilion. The decision eventually came out that Dhoni was caught within the boundary and declared out with no direct conclusive evidence. Anyways, seeing the things get so messy onfield, Dravid decided to call it off and declare the innings rightly seeing the larger interest.

I just want to know how can Brian Lara challenge the umpires decision? What is the point confronting Dhoni after umpire has already asked the players to move on with the game.

Meanwhile, Indians have lost some precious time in the game and are frankly 30-40 runs short of what could have washed all chances of a West Indian win!

This is what I call being lucky

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

I am posting this just to show the contrast to what has been happening in my life. Whatever I have tried to do over the last week, has all just gone wrong. I wont like to crib about them over and over again.

Getting lucky

When luck is your way, this is what happens. A beautiful outswinger by a West Indian bowler to Sreesanth, batmans misses and just check how closely the ball wizzes by the stumps. Hell just check the snicko deflections! Anyways that is just about it, have nothing else to do right now. As I can see Sreesanth and Anil Kumble play the quicks a lot better than the top order batsmen. I am sure Anil Kumble would score more runs than most of our top order batsmen. I just hope he gets selected in the World Cup 2007 Squad if we have to come anywhere near to win the World Cup in West Indies.

Just some random thoughts.