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Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Ganesh Murti

Our family has been celebrating Ganeshotsav for the past 40 odd years. Every single year, the statue of Lord Ganesh has always been the same – something which my grandfather always insisted on. Nevermind the simple decoration, almost everyone in our family likes to keep things simple for some reasons (yeah, right – laziness).

PS: Flickr sucks, still no direct support for Opera.

What can I say…

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

My dad is just too good. He doesn’t need much of a reason to get any service or gadget (which he likes). So all of them come without a confirmation from anybody. Be it for World Space Satellite Radio, Home Theatre Systems or Dish TV. Just a day long bandh from Cable Operators in Mumbai was good enough for him to order Dish TV. Not that I do not like it but sometimes it gets annoying when he lands up with a not-so-good thing.

But well – considering we never payed our cable operators for the connection since eternity, dish tv could very well be worth it. Especially at times when cable network is down. I am eager to check out the quality of video and sound on it.

Office Office

Friday, August 18th, 2006

Say what ever you want about Microsoft for their OS called Windows and other products like their mail service. I curse them for it too more often that not. Microsoft must have enjoyed a lot of criticism for these products over ages. They come up with new updates and security flaw patches every second Tuesday of each month, but during all this while they have always had one of their products remarkably different. It has always been the best and served the purpose it is intended for. Tough to get any obvious, has to be Microsoft Office. My earliest memories of an office suite go a little less than a decade ago – using MS Office 97 on Windows 98.

Back to present, Microsoft Office 2007 – currently beta. I tried out the Beta release provided exclusively by Digit this month in their August DVD. Installation was completed even before I realized that the Setup was running. Just a couple of mouse clicks and the office suite was ready out of the box. Good work! The new looks of Office is really sexy and has given a lot of importance to ergonomics. The feel and layout is completed revamped. A whole set of features have been minutely fine-tuned and glorified for aesthetic and efficient productivity.


When Philosophers reunite…

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

There is no fun in being alive till the wee hours of the morning and having no one in your messenger list to interact with. Luckily, I never had any difficulties to have friends to resort to and have a nice chat. Last night was a similar one. Anuj had dragged his deadline to get back to work in Gurgaon by another day. For those who are not aware, he is a big philsopher – his blog proves it! What we talked turned out to be real valuable stuff – typical philosophic material! Enough of the backdrop, have a look at it yourself. From what is life and how to live it talks, to what engineering is all about.

Yahoo Conference Funny

I am on a roll

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

It has been three days since I have been having a good fortune of enjoying a broadband internet connection. There has been literally no full fledged downloading.

I am just happy to get back to the internet full-time on a 24×7 connection and just surf! You-tube, Stumble Upon, websites, forums, blogs – you name it. There have been times in these three days that I have actually forgotten where I am and what I am doing – but what the heck! This is some serious fun.

Moreover, I have helped more people in these days than I ever have in the last few years. I dont have a clue how I am doing this. Right now, I am prepping up a project for a friend! I would have never even completed my own things in time before.

I have clicked atleast over 50 google/yahoo and other ads on webpages that I have liked in the past few days. I guess I am just passing some goodwill, may be not. But that doesnt change the fact – I am on a roll! lol… literally


Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

The blog is cursed!

Breaking the curse…..