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Sell your spare CPU cycles

Monday, December 11th, 2006

Want some extra cash pronto? Sell your CPU cycles. This is really as insane as it gets.

An Italian programmer has launched a service that may eventually pay PC users who rent out their systems to supercomputer-like distributed computing projects.

CPUShare allows home users to profit from the significant power of their hardware that otherwise would be wasted every day.

In the CPUShare system, sellers will post asking bids on how much they want for their spare processor cycles, while buyers will put out bids on what they’ll pay.

Go here and see the real deal

Who wants to put their download rig up for grabs?

BitTorrent Inc. Munches uTorrent

Friday, December 8th, 2006

This is the worst thing that could happen. µTorrent was one of the very few applications that I actually liked and found it to be perfect for its intended purpose. No non-sense, just worked with minimum system resources. I found it to be the best torrent client out of the contemporaries on the Windows Platform.

Now I don’t really have any hope with the further development of utorrent to become any better. I won’t go ranting about how BT inc will screw utorrent up. A week back, BT inc. signed a deal with Paramount, Lionsgate, Twentieth Century Fox, MTV networks and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment to launch a paid torrent video store for people to pay and download these stuff. So this deal really means utorrent will go in a step forward to create built-in protection measures against illegal sharing of files. DRM! I don’t think there is anything worth on torrents exclusively except pirated movies, music, softwares, etc…

So, when things go awry with utorrent – BitComet would be the only option. I just can’t take this, because I loved utorrent. What next – Adobe buying FoxIt?

This name is another classic

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

So Ben Chu, BenQ America’s President, has apparently sent out an apology letter to people who wrote in to complain about the totally tasteless WTC ad.

Sorry, Mr. Ben Chu. No Offence!