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Feels like home

Saturday, February 10th, 2007

After a month long fling with Windows Vista exploring what the next generation of Windows has in store for me and the bumpy, yet gratifying experience of backing up my data and uninstalling the darn OS somehow – I feel quite happy. The satisfaction and pleasure has nothing to do with the fact that how beautiful, brilliant and innovative Vista was but more from the fact that my laptop ran it just about fine(minus Aero). I couldn’t have asked for anything more from it (the laptop). Although the appreciation should be given to the scalability of Microsoft’s OS on old, aging and dying hardware but I find it easier and a lot soothing to give the credit to this two year old piece of mobile computing device with a 110 seconds battery life. During the uninstallation, my poor luck continued as I lost/damaged/misplaced the XP’s installation CDs. That meant running Ubuntu again, resorting to Automatix2, downloading all the packages to run you through the next couple of days without compromising anything – you know the drill.

It also means now I am back to Genuine Windows XP Professional, its classic theme, minimalistic looks and my beloved list of software applications that I so love to use. Title anyone?