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Panvel Site Visit Presentation

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

Useless post to everyone except my classmates in VJTI.

Please find the presentation here [zipped] [size 36.1 MB]

Direct Link –

If you do download, please leave a comment (Uploading 40MB is really a big deal)

Updates galore

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

It is not everyday that I feel like making a blog entry, so I plan to make the most of this attempt. What follows next are serious views and true happenings posted in an extremely modest, visually unappealing with no sarcastic undertones whatsoever. You have been warned.

It would be customary for me to mention what I have been doing all this while. Frankly nothing. In other things I have successfully managed to stay away from computers for major parts of the last couple of weeks. I considered myself fortunate if I managed to get more than 3 hours of internet and my laptop each day. Power cuts and frequent internet disconnections have helped me in more ways than one for all of this and then some.

My laptop won’t last more than a few months now. So it’s TIME.

I have lost track of all the TV shows that I so loved watching. But the good thing with tv-shows is that, watching them in a heap – back2back – uninterrupted manner is the best way to watch them.

I have set aside some money to get me a nice gadget. In all probability, it would be a decent digicam. Speaking of gadgets, my dad will soon get an iPod with a voice recorder or an iPod along with a dictaphone. How cool is that?

Cricket World Cup 2007 – Nothing seems to be right with it. May be it’s just me, but this has to be one of the most lackluster cricketing events in the recent past. In my opinion, West Indies was a big mistake for the venue. A crowd of 2k in an India game? I seriously think I am right this time. I don’t really care if India makes it to Super Eights or not. I cannot see them winning six in a row matches with the top teams from other groups. That would really be asking for a lot, if you ask me. If they have to go down in the pre-semifinal stages, might as well go down being sorry from the round matches.

Reliance cellphone network is just pathetic. I don’t get half the phone calls due to prevalent network problems. It reports out of coverage area, even when it shows the maximum 5 bars in network strength. Ditching the old 99000 number is the only alternative. But a major part of me doesn’t want to go through the tough ordeal of informing everyone about the number change.

Well to add more, I really appreciate how ASUS goes about with their notebooks. They have been working closely with both the hardware and software industry to incorporate the latest technologies in their notebooks and the result is more than visible. Head over here Affordable Gaming Notebooks competing with the Alienwares and likes, Ultimate ultra-portables giving Thinkpads a run for their money, Desktop Replacements with all the HD DVD and Blu-Ray Jazz, The SideShow W5Fe and ofcourse the ASUS Lamborghini notebooks. Too bad that ASUS has got their act all wrong for their notebook pricing in India.

It is 3:30 AM, Good night.

Wow. All paragraphs would make good individual blog posts. Nice work, Sourabh.

Speed Painting Video

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Check out this amazing work done in Photoshop. I can only appreciate the skills of the guy who did this. Fantastic stuff done in less than 3 hours. This has to be one of the better things I have seen on youtube. Enough of the BS, here is the real deal:

Really awesome, 10/10!

If you are wondering who that is in the video, he is John Locke from Lost. Great character in the show played by Terry O’Quinn. I really wonder what Terry would have to say after watching such a freakin fantastic thing dedicated to him.

I Never Learn

Sunday, March 4th, 2007

Oh boy, I am so screwed!