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I cannot believe….

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Things are happening at such a fast pace around me, I feel I’m missing a lot. I don’t want Aussies to win the World Cup again. That is just so dominating. Ban them till the next World Cup, I say. Let us bring some competition in the game.

The recent price cuts on the Intel Core 2 Duo processors is so tempting. The laptop, laptop/PC, PC, laptop… dilemma continues. Moreover, the sodding exams just don’t end. I don’t get any time to think anymore. My next exam is on Monday and it is really the moment of truth that I’ve been long waiting for. DSS is just not my cup of tea! I hope I just pass through it, barely works for me! now gets a dedicated shopping website in the form of I wish them good luck for the same.

This weekend would be very very dull for me. I will try to study as much as I can to get the Holy 4/10 in DSS! Design of Steel Structures, I will never forget what a PIA you’ve been.

Exam time again

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

I have no idea how each sem just passes by. What is all the more interesting is how these exams and submissions stand right in front of you when you are least prepared. When they come, it is time to say good bye to everything for a couple of weeks. It is that time of the year again. So, fine, I have to study and take my mind out of the things I usually do. But life is never that simple.

Your relatives, your friends, everyone and even all important things just have to come up when your exams begin. The season is such, it is vacation time for most and here I’m making plans to actually study. But people around me take their vacations as national holidays.

And my laptop just has to die on me a week prior to the exam. I have wasted all my time (not) deciding for my next laptop. As days pass by, the frustration builds up. Two years ago, it was my parents who insisted that I should go for a laptop. Now, it is otherwise. I don’t blame them. What good is a computer which dies in just 2 years? I don’t really know what will I use next. Dell’s 3 year ‘Complete Cover’ is really the thing I should be looking for. With time not on my side, I will think about the laptop purchase after the exam.

Beginning from Monday, I don’t have a PC to work on. What am I gonna do, I have no clue.

Just testing the new theme for a change. I know a couple of people who would kill me if I revert back to Kubrick after this. But I just have to.. Kubrick rocks!

Bad Things Happen

Friday, April 6th, 2007

Shit happens and there is nothing you can do.

It is out of my control, only thing I can do is try to fix whatever it is leading to.

Don’t expect me around for quite some time. Will update soon when I am in better shape.

Good bye.

April Fool’s Day is plain annoying

Sunday, April 1st, 2007

That says it all.

But since I feel so indebted to my blog, I will write a few more lines.

Everyone has just accepted to believe nothing on 1/4. Doesn’t matter if it’s the newspapers, press releases or Google pulling off a crazy service or product. Believe nothing, right? I don’t really give a damn about what date it is today for most days in the year, but I do make it a point to know when it is the first of April. Who wants to believe those crazy two or three ‘news’ before you realize you got tricked by a shenanigan. If you are in school, college or work as previous April Fools day of your life, you are habituated to those crazy pranks and the usual. Mostly the predictable stuff. But when it is a dull Sunday and you have nothing to do, throw in a April Fools day – it becomes very annoying.

Those breaking news on websites, SMSs, unexpected emails and messages on messengers are not even amusing. I would love to be called as a person with no sense of humor than to respond to those messages. What can I say – ‘Are you insane! This can’t be happening. Definitely this must be an April Fool’s day prank’ or ‘Thanks for letting me know. I will do my research and find truth in this regard. If it’s not, you tricked me and I am a retard’. And let me not even talk about those stuff with alerts saying – “THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOL’s DAY PRANK. WE ARE AS SERIOUS AS SERIOUS CAN BE’. Honestly, what does April Fool’s day stand for? Non-funny people to be funny, never mind for a single day? I don’t know.

If you want me to spell it out for you, I HATE this day. I never gave a damn about the World Shutdown Day on 24th March to experiment if one can live without computers for a single day. But had it been today on first of April, I would have loved to be part of the ‘experiment’ with a smiling face and non-abusive tongue. Damn!