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Before I’m too late to mention this here, let me do the needful. It has been exactly a month, since the Acer laptop died on me. After some frustrating weeks to find the best deal in the market, I’ve finally decided and ordered the Dell Inspiron 640m notebook. So far the Dell experience has been nice with minimum of fuss but the 15-days wait to get the laptop at your doorstep hurts. Really. The wait kills and I’m just beginning to experience it first hand.

I will try not to get into the specifics of the new laptop. I decided to go in for Dell because it offers 3 years on-site warranty. I really want this shit to last 3 years. I really do. I hope it does. It better does, otherwise 1800-425-4006 is just a call away. So, here are THE specs:

Dell Inspiron 640m

14.1-inch WXGA+ Screen (1440×900 resolution)
Intel T2350 Core Duo Processor 1.86GHz
80GB 7200rpm HDD
8x DVD Writer
512MB DDR2 667MHz RAM
… and the usual
3-year warranty

I’m really excited about the 1440×900 resolution screen in the 14-inch wide display! In other things, would get another gigabyte of RAM loaded on the notebook after a few weeks. Finding the DOS option on Dell systems was quite a task. It saves a lot of my dad’s money and gives me the convenience. The convenience of not to format the hard drive, not to be stuck to the OS they give and more importantly not to waste time. Dell is known to offer good amount of bloatware with their systems, so that is another reason.

I’m happy with it. That is what matters in the end. Just hoping that something doesn’t crop up and screw the plans. Until, I get the laptop on my desk – the laptop pic stays in X-ray vision….lol

Dell Inspiron 640m

Edit: I knew there was something missing to be mentioned. Damage – 43k INR

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  1. Amit says:

    Congo on new lappu
    Core2 duo is what you shouldve got
    this is nice too

  2. Sourabh says:

    Thanks,. I prefer to call it a notebook though. Lappy, Lappu sound ….not so good.

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