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Some Changes on Sourabh’s Blog

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

I’ve given up looking for a new theme for this blog of mine. What I was looking for in a theme was minimalistic looks, some sort of randomness and good fonts (read: Verdana for content, Trebuchet MS for the links). Basically what I needed was a Kubrick replacement. Now I realize that I was searching for something I already have. Guess I just can’t let this blog live without the original ‘Kubrick’ looks and style. I don’t know what would be the right word to describe this love, but ‘captivation’ comes close.

So, Kubrick it is. No straying around with themes and wasting time. All the header images from the past have been removed and some new ones have been uploaded to give Kubrick a shot in the arm. Since, they’re random and about 20 in number – I’ve made sure my stay and someone else who lands here is different every single time.

My only gripe with Kubrick was that the single post page didn’t have a sidebar. That was a bad thing since I used Google adsense to generate revenue from my blog in the past. Now, I’ve decided against it. So, the lack of sidebar doesn’t bother me anymore.


Exam Time Again

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

The mid-semester exams start from Monday. This is the first time when I’ve all the books, notes and write-ups with me before the start of the exams. Well, almost all of them. Not that it matters, but it’s nice to know I can study if I want to. That’s a huge improvement from the last time. It just seems like yesterday when I gave those exams and they are here again. So, I’ve to see through them and do well. Everything else takes a back seat for the coming week.

Time for Some Promos

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

The next installment in the Saw series and the third season of Prison Break. Both of them look very interesting, especially Prison Break!

Prison Break Season 3 Preview

Saw 4 Teaser Clip

Saw 4 releases on 26 October while Prison Break S3 starts from September 17.

Something is seriously wrong with Firefox

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

Here’s a screenshot of Windows Task Manager showing CPU utilization and Memory usage for both Firefox and Opera.

Opera Firefox Memory Utilization

Both the browsers were started at the same time. Exact same websites have been fired in the 8 tabs of each browser window. Default themes, no plugins/extensions. Both the browsers used are in their latest release.

Makes you wonder what’s big deal about firefox. I accept it’s ten times better than plain IE6/7. But these figures do suggest something. That something, in my opinion, is that Firefox is a lot about hype. If there was any other program with such insane memory usage or CPU utilization (11-percent!), it would have been bashed beyond limits.

Opera continues to be my preferred choice of browser. It offers a lot more than just web-browsing and fetches better returns for your 4MB of download still. So, Opera does everything and I should stick to it. Only if life was so simple. But you need more than 1 browser, and firefox is the next best. So, you need it too. But this thing has some serious flaws (continued memory leaks in every other version to name one) and incapabilites. Mozilla, fix something!

Am I Night Dreaming?

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007



Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Not again. My hotmail inbox goes blank again. This sucks. I have no idea about the criterion for Microsoft to disable an account on grounds of inactivity. But inactivity should be measured in years, certainly not in months! At present, I use gmail primarily. But losing your old emails and contact info hurts a lot.

This Blog is Now Ad-Free

Monday, August 6th, 2007

Woohooo! No ads. You can thank Tyroo for that. Seriously, this is one f-ed up service. Nothing was ever right about them. Their site sucks – no real attempt to simply their interface for generating codes. I’ve found some serious irregularities in their reports. To verify this, I asked a few people to intentionally click the ads. Three intentional clicks(all from different IPs & ISPs) on the same day were totally unaccounted for in reports. This makes me doubt their credibility. The only reason why I tried out their service was because it was Indian. Using the same code on other website has issues too. Could be they have issues in their server’s tracking abilities.

Tyroo doesn’t even care about what you have to say. They don’t respond to your doubts.

It’s not like they give better returns to web publishers either. Using Tyroo was a mistake in the first place. Google Adsense fetches great returns, I should’ve used it entirely.

What pissed me off completely is that for the past couple of weeks, all their generates ads in ‘Technology’ category were their own. No other ads, whatsoever! That is just plain retarded.

So, there you have it, my experience with Tyroo. Stay away from it. If you’re already using it, I’d like to hear your experience on the same.