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GIS All this Week

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Officially, I’m on vacation till college resumes for the final semester (yay!) sometime mid-Jan. So, the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing what I enjoy the most – sleeping (during day time), web surfing and watching TV Shows. Just when I thought, life was going great doing nothing, came in this spoil sport news from my project colleague. The news that we’re gonna have special sessions for an unknown software demonstration throughout this week from 10-to-5.

At first though, I knew it would suck badd. But I was so wrong and I’m glad that I dragged my lazy ass to college and attended this ‘workshop’. The good thing is there are only 8-10 students and the session is specifically for GIS. GIS is the only part of Civil Engg. academics which comes to me naturally. Of course, it involves a computer and that in a way gives me the proverbial ‘upper hand’ but still it’s one interesting subject with some real world use not-involving excessive site work (read: no standing tall under the sun, observing construction workers do their work and designing super complex structures)

This 5-day workshop is being conducted by ESRI India (big name in the GIS field). Basically, what they are doing is teaching us their software (ArcView, ArcMap, Arc…) which costs more than a million rupees and indirectly, shamelessly promoting it to future engineering masterminds. Don’t judge me wrong, I appreciate their initiative to come down to VJTI and give us a glorified demo but you don’t have to lick your product to such limits. Anyways, I’m not complaigning. I’ve got this chance to learn something which I’m really interested in (for a change) and I will do everything to not let this go down the drain again.

Another great aspect to this story: I asked the guy if he could install a ‘genuine’ copy of ArcInfo on my laptop and he said yes. But then I also managed to quickly copy the installation files on pen drive, so doesn’t matter much after all. Yes, I will take my laptop to college the entire week and use it in real sense of the term. That’s it for now. I’m super busy this week, in case I don’t reply to your messages, you know the reason! Thanks.