Pics: My New Laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525)

Hey you, check out my new laptop. It definitely looks better than yours!

Nevermind the LQ pics and poor PhotoShop work. I’m really pressed for time right now. Will update this space with other details and description if I feel the need.

Dell Inspiron 1525

Dell Inspiron 1525

Dell Inspiron 1525

Click for HQ on this one:

Dell Inspiron 1525

Dell Inspiron 1525

Dell Inspiron 1525 Rear Battery not Flushed

Dell Inspiron 1525 Unboxing

Dell Inspiron 1525 Unboxing

And guess what? This is MADE IN INDIA. Okay, not quite but surely assembling in India should count for something

Dell Inspiron 1525 Made in India

9 Responses to “Pics: My New Laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525)”

  1. Saurav says:

    Congrets dude, you got a new laptop I got a new workstation.

  2. mayank says:

    Hey congrats.
    I bought this one too.
    It is still due to be delivered at my doorstep.
    And one thing, did you get a vista dvd with this?
    I know it comes preloaded on it but do we get the dvd?

  3. Shana says:

    hi mines due to be delivered soon. its pink with integrated webcam. my mum got for my schoolwork 🙂 i live in london . does yours have webcam?

  4. seen says:

    had this laptop since March 2008, it’s great, no major problems with Vista

  5. ravi says:

    it’s nice dud.

    i have also purchased studion 14 laptop from dell.

    it’s great deal from dell

  6. gautom says:


    it’s tooo nice

  7. Anup says:

    Does anybody know whether Dell drivers support windows Xp? I came to know that Windows vista doesn’t support CATIA, however Xp supports but the Dell authorized drivers doesn’t support Xp.

  8. Luvzguy says:

    Mine also the same one,

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