Test Blog Post from Maxthon’s BlogEX Plugin

  1. Test Successful.

test successful

3 Responses to “Test Blog Post from Maxthon’s BlogEX Plugin”

  1. mehul says:

    Abe kya faltu browser se faltu post kar raha hain. Use open source and be happy :p

  2. Shahab says:

    😮 .. You are using Maxthon .. 😮 .. Kab se ..?

  3. Sourabh says:

    What was I thinking before making this post live! Turned into a batty magnet (all thanks to the word Maxthon). Thanks for visiting though. Hope you’re doing great!

    Yeah, I have most of the browsers installated – Opera, Firefox, Safari and Maxthon. It’s more like… I prefer to view a set of websites on a particular browser for my own twisted reasons. Different browsers also means you don’t have to worry about sessions and logging out.

    For the records, this comment is posted from Safari for Windows.

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