Another laptop in da house

Another laptop in da house - Eee PC

This one’s special. I’ve long wanted to have a super-small laptop which I can carry around with me in college everyday. The normal laptops, though portable, are still bulky and it took me some time to realize that they just can’t be carried everyday in my backpack.

But the new Eee PC from ASUS is different. I’ve been travelling for the last couple of days and this thing has come in very handy. Ofcourse, the Reliance datacard played its role. Some may call the Eee PC under-powered, some may even crib about its miniature 7″ 800×480 display, but I found it to be just perfect for some on-the-move computing and even blogging! This blogpost is teh proof.

I prefer Windows XP over the pre-installed Linux distro. After being a regular laptop user for 4 years now, the Eee PC still managed to surprised me. The Celeron M 900MHz CPU could handle Opera, PowerPoint, WinAMP, uTorrent and even Photoshop all at the same time. Some of the reasons why I’d give first preference to Eee PC over a normal laptop:

  • Very small and good for specific tasks like web surfing, music, movies and as a power-efficient download rig
  • Extremely silent (no regular spinning hard drive) and lightweight (1kg)
  • It gives around 2.5-3 hrs of battery life but around 5 hours would’ve been ideal
  • Cheap. What more could you expect from a laptop which costs 15k in India?
  • For neophytes, the Xandros Linux is preferrable as it just “works”. Plus tons of small utilities to keep you busy.

It would’ve been great if this Eee PC came with a 1024px width screen by default. The new Eee PC 900 series has those but having the same on 7-inch LCD sounds perfect. I could even gripe about the storage restricted to 4GB and even the plastic body. But you can’t get everything you want.

6 Responses to “Another laptop in da house”

  1. anuj says:

    carry around in college? what college? degree khatam ho gayi teri

    hehe congrats!

  2. digen says:

    Is the 15k including VAT ? Are there any other colors available ?

    Trust me, I have a white macbook and I have to virtually clean it every weekend or else it’s ewwww 😛

  3. Shahab says:

    😛 .. Its already named Eeeek PC … so you wont need to clean it regularly ..

  4. Pallab says:

    May be you should have waited for a few months!
    The dell mini inspiron looks hell of a lot better than EEE PC.

  5. Aseem N says:

    Man… you make me wonder sometimes… if I go for grocery shopping more or you go for laptop shopping… 😛

  6. wew,,, EEE PC,,, a must buy,,, ; p

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