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The blog is back with a minor bang

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Thanks to everyone for pointing out that the server had exceeded its bandwidth in the end of last month. I was really busy in some stupid things and didn’t care much about my blog. From what I can see, the traffic has really spiked up in recent times. I’ve no idea why anyone else except me would be checking this space. Since I exceeded the monthly 2GB bandwidth this month, I’m considering to move to a different webhost. This kind of rejuvenation helps the blog and the blogger behind it for personal reasons. Plus, the database is so freakin’ small, moving to a new server is a matter of minutes if not seconds. And having no extra baggage in the form of wordpress plugins, themes, etc. makes it easier.

I completely forgot what a stress reliever blogging can be. Just typing the simple things and backspacing them is so much fun!

Completely random, but what the hell. I could go on record and admit that I would even kill someone if that helps me hide behind a better, faster, reliable, low-latency and torrent-loving internet connection in my part of the world. Of course, unlimited one at that, with absolutely no connectivity to local cablenet hubs. Someone come to my rescue and surprise me, I’ve lost all hope.

Rapidshare ends up being India-friendly and more flexible for free users

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Oh, great Rapidshare. Thanks you so very much. I no longer have to point out the cats and dogs in an image to authenticate my genuineness as a human to your download servers. And what do I see? Free-users can download and upload files up to 200MB in weight? Nice, really nice. Oh you’ve decreased the download speeds to max 62.5KB/s to make it up for your server load. But that doesn’t really matter much to me (it does, but it’s painful to contemplate that even for a moment).

Here’s the kicker: only 60 seconds to wait before pointing to a new download. Well, what can I say, good luck Rapidshare – you’re well on your way to soar higher in this list. Also, you have 1 less premium user to worry about now.