About Me

It’s time to ditch the old kiddish about me page. Couldn’t think of any better about me to solve the purpose, as I hope against hope that the Search Engines update their cache for this page quickly to save me some embarrassment.

Account Details

  • The name is Sourabh Kalantri
  • Wanted since 31st Oct 1986
  • Whereabouts mainly in and around Mumbai.
  • Last seen on messengers 10 minutes ago.


  • Half way through his engineering course in B. Tech Civil from VJTI, Mumbai.
  • Loves technology, gadgets, spending time online – surfing, forums & messengers (hates social networking sites like orkut, hi5, etc
  • Never been lucky when it comes to Internet Service Providers, winning a toss and avoiding defaulter’s list.
  • Is very choosy when it comes to movies and music.
  • Is mid way between optimism and pessimism personally, but testimonials prove that he lends optimism to whom he interacts with.
  • Does things at eleventh hour. It is the only thing he would like to do away with for good.
  • Quote he lives by – “Wise man make proverbs, fools quote and repeat them”. But believes in living everyday as it were his last.
  • Is a Contributing Writer and Editor at LaptopLogic to dispose his views and geeky desires into public and be sane from within.

Off the Records:

This site is a personal web blog of Sourabh from July 2005 till he dies or the internet whomsoever is earlier. The contents of this blog are the intellectual property of the owner and no part of it is copied unless otherwise stated. The views of the author are entirely his own and have no implication whatsoever on others.

If you would like to get in touch with this person for some reason, he is souraa on gmail.

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