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WTF is Wrong

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Normally, everyone would just say it’s raining cats and dogs. But now, that phrase doesn’t quite cut it anymore. I don’t care what met department says, but after the 26/7 incident a few years back, the pouring has just kept on increasing year after year. In the past, it used to rain 3-4 days continously and then it would STOP. That’s no longer true. Believe me cause I hate them and keep secret logs. And the administration has very well realized, you can’t stop floods so just prepare for the worst case. Where were these when I was getting drowned on 26/7/05.

The blog is back with a minor bang

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Thanks to everyone for pointing out that the server had exceeded its bandwidth in the end of last month. I was really busy in some stupid things and didn’t care much about my blog. From what I can see, the traffic has really spiked up in recent times. I’ve no idea why anyone else except me would be checking this space. Since I exceeded the monthly 2GB bandwidth this month, I’m considering to move to a different webhost. This kind of rejuvenation helps the blog and the blogger behind it for personal reasons. Plus, the database is so freakin’ small, moving to a new server is a matter of minutes if not seconds. And having no extra baggage in the form of wordpress plugins, themes, etc. makes it easier.

I completely forgot what a stress reliever blogging can be. Just typing the simple things and backspacing them is so much fun!

Completely random, but what the hell. I could go on record and admit that I would even kill someone if that helps me hide behind a better, faster, reliable, low-latency and torrent-loving internet connection in my part of the world. Of course, unlimited one at that, with absolutely no connectivity to local cablenet hubs. Someone come to my rescue and surprise me, I’ve lost all hope.

Should I Be Afraid?

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Got this email last week. When I was just about to report it as spam, I noticed the other details.

It’s hard to accept that a bot would be doing all this. Best guess – someone/somebot has been following my blog extensively and drawing logical conclusions. Most of it is all there on the blog anyways: Eee PC, Mumbai, GIS, iPhone, etc. Except for the fact that I hate rains. But that figures if you’ve spent some time here.

So, the big question, am I being stalked? Hmm…


Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Its been a while since I last scribbled anything on my personal blog. So here it comes.

A lot has been happening around to keep me busy. The most important part: Just 5 more tests of the final semester and I’m out of college for good. First one didn’t go so well, so here’s hoping the rest of them do. Can’t believe in a matter of a few months I would graduate with B. Tech (Civil) degree.

Dad and bro have now realized how easy things are with a laptop. More importantly, lesser worries. Except for a couple of office PCs, all systems have been replaced with laptops. Looking forward to buy a WiFi router after the exams to surf wirelessly anywhere in the home.

I’ve been kicked out of my room again. This time around I’ve shifted to the store room on the second floor. Took quite a bit of renovation but it turned out great. The room still looks empty but that will soon change as I move my stuff to this place slowly. Would upload some pics later.

More updates coming soon. Just rushed on this one to ensure minimum 1 blogpost/month on this blog.

WGA Strike is Over, Finally!!!

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Thank heavens that the writers strike is over and now they can get back drafting those super crazy story lines for TV shows. I guess it has been three months now since they stopped doing what they’re supposed to do. Suck it up, enjoy the new contract and get back to work ASAP. I desperately need my favorite TV shows back on air! It’s unfortunate that there would be some delays, major cuts in the episode list and some of the shows will have to be axed or dropped completely for this season.

Life is Life

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

It just has to be so unpredictable at the wrong time. The internet problem has turned from bad to worse. It was painfully slow for the last couple of days but now both the connections at my place are DOWN. Just goes to show the great backup Indian ISPs have in times of crisis. I am looking forward to a day where all the ISPs are down simultaneously and life comes to a standstill. Won’t that be some fun.

And guess what has come to my rescue? The dreaded Tata Indicom dialup. Perfect way to enjoy this weekend. 10 hours of it. It’s great to relive your glorious past every once in a while connecting to internets at speeds of 33.6 kbps.

In other news, I finally managed to get the old number working on my new cellphone.

Last couple of months left before I say good bye to VJTI. The old Acer laptop needs the fourth power adapter. This time it blew up and melted on desk due to excessive use. It really hurts to spend soo much on old hardware. Looking forward to buy an ASUS Eee PC in the coming month. The thought of a third laptop for personal use is frightening but I really need something like an Eee PC in my backpack.

Enough of blogging for this session. Can’t just go on doing this over a dialup connection. There are so many other things to do right now. And now I hope, that the net connections are back again soon, so I can download LOST S04E01.

Two Down; Four More To Go

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Sucks when you have a huge break between the exams. The only good they do is let you relax and tell you that there’s still enough time left to study. But right now, I just wanna go through these exams, put them behind me and move on.

Good thing, the next batch of exams are back to back.

100 and 10 Indian Rupees Coin

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

This one goes out to my long-lost school pals. All those suckers who thought I was kidding about these ‘special coins’ which were kept in a secret stash at my home. I may have gone a bit overboard with the stash thing but well…these are special right?

So, for those who’ve not been fortunate enough to see the 100 and 10 Rupees coins, watch these pics closely!

10 Rupee & 100 Rupee Coin

10 Rupee & 100 Rupee Coins

That’s right, 1982. To cross-check, refer the wiki entry.

My Special Birthday

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

It’s one of those bad coincidences again. Everything just had to come tomorrow. It could have very easily not come to the 31st of October, but it did. Someone’s obviously not happy with what I do or likes to see me running behind things and being miserable while at it. I have to wake up at 4:30 am, do the same old stuff which will always remind me of the 4 years I have wasted in an Engineering college, forever.

I’ve surely had better birthdays in the past. Will have some great ones in the future. But just not this time. I wish I could just have a day off and just sleep. I deserve it.

The so called celebrations and other stuff to happen sometime later in the day. I at least get to enjoy my favorite cake flavor tomorrow, if that’s some consolation.

The magic number is 21! I guess. I’m happy with how things are in my life right now. So, there’s a nice wave inside me. Thank you everyone for the good wishes!

What a day this has been, What a rare mood I’m in…

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Okay, I won’t quote the entire song. I was just dying to use it once after listening to it first on a CSI episode.

Getting back to the topic of this post:

Couldn’t have asked for a better day after the exams. Bunked college, slept like crazy for 10 hrs in the day. Got up, did my rounds of browsing the internet for interesting stuff and news. A very long day in that.

The India-England 6th ODI went right down to the wire. Sachin played true to his real self. Robin Utthapa somehow managed to play some cheeky shots and won the game for India. I don’t think anyone else in the Indian team would have pulled 20-odd runs from 15 balls. Not even Dhoni. So, that was some time well spent watching cricket on TV.

Between cricket and surfing, I got linked back here on from engadget for tipping them on a news. For the Lenovo ThinkPad Reserve Edition. Actually, I wanted to get it linked back to LaptopLogic, but the Engadget news editors had something else in mind. So, they linked the source to some PR agency. We had recieved the news directly from Lenovo (agreed to embargo). So, well, the backlink, got a lot of hits for my blog. Feels nice! But the original aim of tipping Engadget was not achieved. So, I kinda feel bad for it. It wasn’t in my hands.. so, I guess nothing can be done about it.

The Apple Special Event was a 10/10 on the excitement scale. Honestly, the most kick-ass ever within the last couple of years that I’m tracking them. Most of the stuff which were announced are some real VFM. The new 4GB Nano or the 80GB iPod classic would be my choice of PMP at the US price. Conversion in rupees when it’s launched here will make me change my decision. I know. I don’t think this will ever change. Greed, taxes or just inflation (is that the right word?)..whatever be the reason behind it.

A few days back I expressed my love for Kubrick as my personal preferred choice of WordPress theme. Out-of-nowhere, some coders have started expressing similar affection for it by rolling out modded themes similar to it. The good ones. There’s a three-column Kubrick and Kubrick with some good AJAX abilities. Will give them a try later this weekend.

So, that’s just about it. Couple of hectic days ahead at college and then the much needed weekend.