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WTF is Wrong

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Normally, everyone would just say it’s raining cats and dogs. But now, that phrase doesn’t quite cut it anymore. I don’t care what met department says, but after the 26/7 incident a few years back, the pouring has just kept on increasing year after year. In the past, it used to rain 3-4 days continously and then it would STOP. That’s no longer true. Believe me cause I hate them and keep secret logs. And the administration has very well realized, you can’t stop floods so just prepare for the worst case. Where were these when I was getting drowned on 26/7/05.

The blog is back with a minor bang

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Thanks to everyone for pointing out that the server had exceeded its bandwidth in the end of last month. I was really busy in some stupid things and didn’t care much about my blog. From what I can see, the traffic has really spiked up in recent times. I’ve no idea why anyone else except me would be checking this space. Since I exceeded the monthly 2GB bandwidth this month, I’m considering to move to a different webhost. This kind of rejuvenation helps the blog and the blogger behind it for personal reasons. Plus, the database is so freakin’ small, moving to a new server is a matter of minutes if not seconds. And having no extra baggage in the form of wordpress plugins, themes, etc. makes it easier.

I completely forgot what a stress reliever blogging can be. Just typing the simple things and backspacing them is so much fun!

Completely random, but what the hell. I could go on record and admit that I would even kill someone if that helps me hide behind a better, faster, reliable, low-latency and torrent-loving internet connection in my part of the world. Of course, unlimited one at that, with absolutely no connectivity to local cablenet hubs. Someone come to my rescue and surprise me, I’ve lost all hope.

Rapidshare ends up being India-friendly and more flexible for free users

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Oh, great Rapidshare. Thanks you so very much. I no longer have to point out the cats and dogs in an image to authenticate my genuineness as a human to your download servers. And what do I see? Free-users can download and upload files up to 200MB in weight? Nice, really nice. Oh you’ve decreased the download speeds to max 62.5KB/s to make it up for your server load. But that doesn’t really matter much to me (it does, but it’s painful to contemplate that even for a moment).

Here’s the kicker: only 60 seconds to wait before pointing to a new download. Well, what can I say, good luck Rapidshare – you’re well on your way to soar higher in this list. Also, you have 1 less premium user to worry about now.


Should I Be Afraid?

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

Got this email last week. When I was just about to report it as spam, I noticed the other details.

It’s hard to accept that a bot would be doing all this. Best guess – someone/somebot has been following my blog extensively and drawing logical conclusions. Most of it is all there on the blog anyways: Eee PC, Mumbai, GIS, iPhone, etc. Except for the fact that I hate rains. But that figures if you’ve spent some time here.

So, the big question, am I being stalked? Hmm…

Another laptop in da house

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Another laptop in da house - Eee PC

This one’s special. I’ve long wanted to have a super-small laptop which I can carry around with me in college everyday. The normal laptops, though portable, are still bulky and it took me some time to realize that they just can’t be carried everyday in my backpack.

But the new Eee PC from ASUS is different. I’ve been travelling for the last couple of days and this thing has come in very handy. Ofcourse, the Reliance datacard played its role. Some may call the Eee PC under-powered, some may even crib about its miniature 7″ 800×480 display, but I found it to be just perfect for some on-the-move computing and even blogging! This blogpost is teh proof. (more…)


Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Its been a while since I last scribbled anything on my personal blog. So here it comes.

A lot has been happening around to keep me busy. The most important part: Just 5 more tests of the final semester and I’m out of college for good. First one didn’t go so well, so here’s hoping the rest of them do. Can’t believe in a matter of a few months I would graduate with B. Tech (Civil) degree.

Dad and bro have now realized how easy things are with a laptop. More importantly, lesser worries. Except for a couple of office PCs, all systems have been replaced with laptops. Looking forward to buy a WiFi router after the exams to surf wirelessly anywhere in the home.

I’ve been kicked out of my room again. This time around I’ve shifted to the store room on the second floor. Took quite a bit of renovation but it turned out great. The room still looks empty but that will soon change as I move my stuff to this place slowly. Would upload some pics later.

More updates coming soon. Just rushed on this one to ensure minimum 1 blogpost/month on this blog.

Life is Life

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

It just has to be so unpredictable at the wrong time. The internet problem has turned from bad to worse. It was painfully slow for the last couple of days but now both the connections at my place are DOWN. Just goes to show the great backup Indian ISPs have in times of crisis. I am looking forward to a day where all the ISPs are down simultaneously and life comes to a standstill. Won’t that be some fun.

And guess what has come to my rescue? The dreaded Tata Indicom dialup. Perfect way to enjoy this weekend. 10 hours of it. It’s great to relive your glorious past every once in a while connecting to internets at speeds of 33.6 kbps.

In other news, I finally managed to get the old number working on my new cellphone.

Last couple of months left before I say good bye to VJTI. The old Acer laptop needs the fourth power adapter. This time it blew up and melted on desk due to excessive use. It really hurts to spend soo much on old hardware. Looking forward to buy an ASUS Eee PC in the coming month. The thought of a third laptop for personal use is frightening but I really need something like an Eee PC in my backpack.

Enough of blogging for this session. Can’t just go on doing this over a dialup connection. There are so many other things to do right now. And now I hope, that the net connections are back again soon, so I can download LOST S04E01.

Losing Your Cellphone Is So Cool

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

I think I may have dropped the phone (accidentally) during a good nap on my commute back home from college. Apart from the pain of losing some of your old, non-regular contacts, it feels nothing. As a matter of fact, I am happy to live a few days without the annoyance of the same. Getting back the old number on a new handset would turn out to be quite a task since I am taking about Reliance CDMA here. The handset which I lost was an old one having no RUIM (SIM card), so not sure what the actual procedure is.

I guess, I will have to do a bit of research for CDMA handsets. More of them are poor in battery life with complete lack of features.

Last 30 odd days have been real busy. So many things to look forward to, so many things to do, so many ideas exploding in my brain and so many people to be in touch with. All this sometimes makes me go insane, but I live to fight another day or think it never happened.

GIS All this Week

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Officially, I’m on vacation till college resumes for the final semester (yay!) sometime mid-Jan. So, the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing what I enjoy the most – sleeping (during day time), web surfing and watching TV Shows. Just when I thought, life was going great doing nothing, came in this spoil sport news from my project colleague. The news that we’re gonna have special sessions for an unknown software demonstration throughout this week from 10-to-5.

At first though, I knew it would suck badd. But I was so wrong and I’m glad that I dragged my lazy ass to college and attended this ‘workshop’. The good thing is there are only 8-10 students and the session is specifically for GIS. GIS is the only part of Civil Engg. academics which comes to me naturally. Of course, it involves a computer and that in a way gives me the proverbial ‘upper hand’ but still it’s one interesting subject with some real world use not-involving excessive site work (read: no standing tall under the sun, observing construction workers do their work and designing super complex structures)

This 5-day workshop is being conducted by ESRI India (big name in the GIS field). Basically, what they are doing is teaching us their software (ArcView, ArcMap, Arc…) which costs more than a million rupees and indirectly, shamelessly promoting it to future engineering masterminds. Don’t judge me wrong, I appreciate their initiative to come down to VJTI and give us a glorified demo but you don’t have to lick your product to such limits. Anyways, I’m not complaigning. I’ve got this chance to learn something which I’m really interested in (for a change) and I will do everything to not let this go down the drain again.

Another great aspect to this story: I asked the guy if he could install a ‘genuine’ copy of ArcInfo on my laptop and he said yes. But then I also managed to quickly copy the installation files on pen drive, so doesn’t matter much after all. Yes, I will take my laptop to college the entire week and use it in real sense of the term. That’s it for now. I’m super busy this week, in case I don’t reply to your messages, you know the reason! Thanks.

Techtree Newsletters

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Techtree newsletter

Oh, red-and-white Techtree. This is so ridiculous. I understand you’ve got automated newsletters & mailing lists at work here. But when you are forwarding your super exclusive daily newsletter to thousands of real users, the least you can do is take the pains of going through it once. Don’t just forward updates for the sake of sending newsletters daily.

You don’t have control over what junk some people post in the form of comments. Agreed. That answers why the site is filled with hilarious and off-topic comments left, right and centre. How about some moderation in what you send to thousands of inbox? Some of us are mortals who do go through the newsletters. After all, that’s one (somewhat) ad-free way to get the contents of your website.