First SLI Laptop – The Sting 919

It was time someone had to come up with the SLI technology on the notebook arena and there is nothing to get disappointed about. If the Go6800’s , Go7800GTX , the higher Mobility Radeon series were a ‘big’ thing to come to notebooks, SLI is ‘huge’. Having two of these similar gpus from nvidia would suffice all gaming needs for some time to come. So gaming laptops in real sense of the term are about to make an entry which would even give their desktop counterparts a run for their money.

It would cost you an arm and leg for sure but playing your favorite games on the move would be cool too. These arent just yet out, but the choice of components in these would have made it better. The official site – WidowPC claims the choice of a Mobile AMD Processor, Ofcourse the nvidia gpu’s and a 19″ visual estate. No detailed specs are out, but choosing the Centrino/Napa would have been a lot better. They would have their own reasons for the choice of AMD, but thats beside the point. A Gaming laptop is all that matters if there is some nice cooling and descent battery life.

Not to mention, I wont mind one of these.

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