Ubuntu in 24 hours

No, its not a name of a book from TMH or O’Reilly. Its the time taken for my get hooked on to Ubuntu. I managed to complete my Ubuntu download on Sunday evening in approx. 22 hrs. Within no time, I burnt a disc and installed it. Installation was a breeze, this was the first time I had installed a debian distro. Installation went on smoothly, took me about half an hour to get into the desktop.

Ubuntu turned out to be one of the very few distros in which I managed to configure my net connection. This wasnt the first time, I tried to get familiar with a linux distro, but as it turns out I have finally found a nice distro to be using regularly. With all the help from Atul (techno_funky) who himself got versed with the OS in the last few weeks, I managed to get some basic help. So thats done with the 24 hrs part.

What struck me most about Ubuntu was the so easy, well managed interface along with the hardware support. All my laptop devices, peripherals even the gamepad, my Transcend Mp3 player worked flawlessly. All the software installation was done through Automatix, which is really very nice. It had a list of the common applications for all needs, select them and start the installation. And as it turns out, I have Opera configured as my browser, all the right codecs to play all my dvd movies, DivX, XviD , wmv , rmvb movies and not to mention the audio formats. Gaim is good enough for all the IM networks. Just in case, if i happen to use Ubuntu on a regular basis, I have installed Frostfire ( GPL close of Limewire), There is a builtin Bit-torrent client so that takes care of all the torrent downloads.

In short, I would now be able to manage most things what I do on windows in Ubuntu. It seems a nice distro to stick too.

And for the record, my first blogpost through Linux.

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  1. Brandon says:

    How did you get rmvb files to play? Could you post some sort of instructions?

  2. Sourabh says:

    I installed video codecs needed to play different types of media files via automatix – a small script kinda package manager which features a list of common apps and drivers, which can directly be installed by checking an option box 🙂

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