The college in which I study is quite old. I dont even bother to get the exact year when it started. It was a long drawing session today, had to complete quite a few drawing sheets, standing from 9am to 5pm. It just happened that I decided to open the huge drawer which was there beneath the table I was drawing on. There was this old newspaper in there beneath a pile of dust. What struck me most about it was, the paper was 12 years old. The mess lying there for 12 yrs is not the thing I have this mentioned here. The funny part is what was on the newspaper. The piece of newspaper actually had a Nokia Advertisement, featuring some old model and what it could do for you. Reading it was so funny, I couldnt resist sharing it with the friends around me. And then the usual, make fun of every line from the ad, which goes on in a group. The almost walky talky phone, if I am not mistaken, was a Nokia 2210 something.

If only I had a cellphone with camera, it would have been fun sharing it with others. I dont want to say anything about the cleanliness in the drawing room. Those who are from VJTI, the MDH drawing halls need to introduction. But atleast they were getting renovated last time I was there.

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