Rules, Rules, Rules …

The Survey projects starts from tommorow, and we had been briefed with some of the rules and regulations to be followed. For starters, Since the Vihar Lake, Powai is the official source of the drinking water supplied in Mumbai, its a restricted area. So, All the strict rules associated with it like no cameras in any form, be it the old fashioned, digital or the cellphones are to be followed. Secondly, Everyone has to carry 2-3 litres on Drinking water along with him coz the nearest source of drinking water is a couple of kms away. INSANE. The place where the lake is, I am told, is far away from healthy civilization and not much to chill around. Imagine 4 days in such a place where there is not even a descent restaurant or canteen even if it was allowed to leave the premises. So that leaves only one option with everyone, to carry a tiffin box, I dont remember when was the last time I carried one. And more importantly, students are warned not to make night stay in the near by guest-houses, bcoz the surrounding locality isnt nice to say the least.

Conducting the survey work in a new place other than for the college premises, would be a welcome change but these rules are so irritating.

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