Cant think of any

It was the first day of the project, the venue was Vihar lake and I was under the impression of Powai Lake. It was a very beautiful place, especially the waters. Being a restricted area, it has been kept quite clean and protected from us. The actual site of the project was just aside the lake bed – a bumpy, uneven, wild burnt grass everywhere. First impressions what any Mumbaikar would get is, Can such a thing actually exist in Mumbai. A near forest in the backdrop to sandwitch the project site with the lake.

Those nine hours were seriously very hectic considering it was the first day. I was the old one without a cap in a group of near 80 students and was spanked badd verbally by the head surveyor. So , I would be wearing a cap after a decade or so. Three more days to go.

One of the most tiring day I have ever had.

2 Responses to “Cant think of any”

  1. anuj says:

    welcome to the real Civil engineering !

    and do procure a hat, from anywhere you can manage to.

  2. Sourabh says:

    hehhe , that was the first thing i did after getting out of the jail.

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