Shahrukh Khan and Compaq

If you were wondering whats the correlation, Shahrukh Khan is the new brand ambassador for Compaq. I just wonder how much can the Shahrukh Khan’s publicity help in driving people to buy a IT product like laptop whose main targets are Corporates and soho. What everyone wants is better prices and good support. Lets see how Compaq sells in King Khan’s name.

5 Responses to “Shahrukh Khan and Compaq”

  1. criminallysane says:

    True, i wonder how many retards would by a laptop , concidering sharukh khans fan following is grave retardation.

  2. soukaina says:

    hello sharukh khan iam soukaina i love music and you films ok bye

  3. criminallysane says:

    😐 from the reply up there, i guess im wrong 😐

  4. prinks says:

    anyone knowes the specifications of the said notebook?

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