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A small request

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

Well its one of those very few times when my great grandmother actually asked something from me. Just a cup of tea made by me. But the thing is she has tea only once a day in the morning. I leave for college before that time, so Saturday is the day, have to get up early too.

I wish she enjoys a long healthy life and more importantly complete the century. Yes, she is 94 yrs old officially going by the PAN card.

Whisky PC!

Monday, February 6th, 2006

There seems to be no limit when we talk about case-modding. How about a complete PC mod – building the motherboard, side-panel, power-connections from scratch! How about a PC in a whisky bottle? I was shocked, how can anyone get such a wacky idea and actually do it. Check it out yourself at Metku-Mods


A very nice day..

Sunday, February 5th, 2006

Yes, it was. Woke up this morning and felt quite boring. There had been a lotta buzz about the Digit Mumbai Meet III to be held this weekend. But sadly nothing was confirmed and the meet plans were already scraped in the back of my mind. So to make the day interesting I decided to do some gadget hunting and paid a trip to Lamington Road. The long trip was primarily for getting an additional 512 Mb ram for my laptop. As it turned out got an awesome deal for 2 x 512MB Sticks, which sums up to a total of 1 Gig RAM for a little over 5k INR + VAT. Then just out of curiousity, I was busy checking out some flash drive based mp3 players, while the guy was installing the RAM. Really liked a very cute, small and no-nonsense player from Transcend. Finally decided to buy it. The model was a T.Sonic 610 mp3 player with 1 gig memory. I would post a review on it soon after I have used it for a while. Also got an Altec Lansing 502i Headset for my bro. Well I guess i have bragged enough about my gadget shopping for the day but yeah it was exciting coz it was long due.



Friday, February 3rd, 2006

Its one of those times when the back button you press in the browser really screws you up. I screwed up with my Digit Patron points. I had a lotta points accumulated in my account and nothing really interesting to redeem it for. Just while I was entering the code for the month of Feb from the magazine, I spotted a Digit Special for Architects and Designers. Cover Thumbnail alongside.

It was doubtful redeeming my points for a copy of that old issue of the magazine and now by a small mistake have redeemed my points for not one but two issues of the same mag! All courtesy of clicking the back button in the redeeming process. So my 225 points have reduced to a mere 25 points! Anyways enough of the crying over spilt milk, Looking at the bright side, I was interested in that magazine probably coz it would help me get some more info as its kinda related to what I am studying.

So one friend of mine, has got real lucky. Wonder whom I should hand the other copy to.

Milk after a long time!

Friday, February 3rd, 2006

It had been a lotta years that i left drinking milk. Honestly, I would literally puke even by the smell of it, if someone in sight even drank plain milk at home. I am more of a ‘tea’ person. So late nights, waking up in the morning after very little sleep, kicking away the laziness in the afternoon, have all been because of tea. Coffee was nice just for a change. But tonight, I sipped plain milk. But it was not just plain milk, I had it along with Kellogs corn flakes and it was nice.

Refreshing break.

Windows No Care Live Beta 2

Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

Just decided to try the out Windows One care Beta 2 on my laptop. But my laptop doesnt meet the minimum requirements. I have a 256MB RAM with 64MB shared for graphics, so that leaves me with only 192MB for system memory. As a result the system lacks behind in the minimum requirement for Memory.

  • (Requirement) Insufficient RAM (Random Access Memory)

  • Windows OneCare requires a minimum of 256 MB of RAM to install successfully. To correct this, you must install more RAM on your computer.

    Thank you MS for your suggestion.

    What is wrong Tata Indicom?

    Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

    What is wrong with your Internet billing? You have a scheme called as post-paid connection and you take the entire months plan charges in advance. Well thats another thing. What about the billing? Earlier the bills used to be sent by courier at the start of every month, and in between you discontinued sending the bills by courier. Asked an extra sum of 50 Rs to get the bill couriered! but that is incase you need a physical bill. You promise to send an email with the bill details for the amount you have to pay for your Internet Account. Everything was fine with the electronic bills, but from the last two months I havent recd any email except for the long lists of paid services you provide. Do you expect everyone to login to their account, check if the bill has been issued, what amount they have to pay everytime, each month again and again? And if we are late, you never miss an opportunity to call up and say that the bill payment is due.

    All I need is the bill directly physically or by mail.

    That furious feeling..

    Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

    The Nero release has been around for quite a while but I just had been delaying downloading the same from the time it was released. There was a lil bug in the old version which I had been using that didnt display the track-info correctly in the Audio Cds. So finally decided to download the release yesterday. And damn, theres a new release of Nero in the name of within hours of my download. Anyways, looking at the bright side – atleast Nero continues to update Nero 6 even after the 7’s release.

    MSN is cursed

    Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

    There are two choice to choose from when it comes to Instant Messengers. Two( Y!M or MSN) mainly because most of your friends on one and/or both of these mostly. A couple of weeks back, I got bored of Y!M for some unknown reasons, tried to work on MSN Network. And as we all know it, bloatware is the name usually coined with MSN Messengers and nothing seems to be more closer to reality. Even the Ver. 8 beta is just not for me. Mainly 2 reasons! The first reason is quite obvious and secondly its a nightmare with those working on a low resolutions. Even on 1024×768, the basic MSN windows takes a lotta space on screen, large buddy avatars in the contact list, the sidebar links – all consume a lotta space leaving with very little space to work around. Even in the conversation window, a few messages and the whole window gets filled up. So even a small brief talk with a friend requires vigorous scrolling to know where you started from. Lastly, even after 8 installments of MSN Messenger, you can only use the default 16 colors for your conversatio text. If you have to change the colors, you have to use third party tools. Cool isn’t it?

    What do you do if you dont like it, obviously use some third party client. Started using GAIM on a regular basis, and for some strange reasons i get logged out every other hour, apparently for no reasons. Downloads run just fine, browsing gives no problem and in the middle of no where, GAIM just logs out. And this has been happening a lotta times to be just a coincidence. May be there would be a problem with my ISP, but earlier Yahoo used to run just fine! Why not the same with MSN?

    This so freakin annoying to see those ‘ You have been disconnected from so and so servers at xx : xx : xx time’ in GAIM. I cant do anything but curse MSN for this. All cauz of their servers or whatever reason behind it. May be things are just leading for me to stop using MSN too.