Sticker Free

Vista Ready laptop logoWhile Microsoft has other plans to add more stickers on laptops sold by manufacturers – the addition of the ‘Vista Ready’ label reported by a theinquirer news story some weeks back. Now I have finally got rid of all the stickers on the laptop. It was kinda nice to have the laptop specs and see the bright and shining AMD logo for the first few months. But lately it had all got messy, a part of the Acer sticker had come out. So it made more sense to do away with them.

There is a nice feeling now to see the hand not resting on some stickers while typing.



Had this on mind from a long time now, better late than never.

6 Responses to “Sticker Free”

  1. Riyaz Usman says:

    Seems much better without now.

    For me too these stickers were cool initially. Well, too much of them is dirty

  2. harry says:

    nice lappy 😀

  3. anuj says:

    you should have let the AMD sticker remain there.

  4. Swapneel says:

    Are the sticker impression marks still there? I removed the two on my laptop & thankfully there were no impressions 🙂

    Btw dude do you need a few Ubuntu Stickers ? 😛

  5. Sourabh says:

    lol, yes the dying impressions are still there. would get unnoticed with time. No more stickers for me, thanks for the offer digen.

  6. dumbass says:

    i tried 2 remove a sticker from my laptop and as i was removing the sticky bit that was left after removing the sticker it took the paint off my laptop.. i was not happy.. so now there are 2 stickers left on it with a big mark thats white (my laptop is silver). so when or if you decide 2 remove the stickers be carefull when doing so..!.. if any1 knows where i can get paint from that will make this unnoticable write back on here please.. thanks

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