The AXN Teasers

You know those TV-show teasers which AXN throws between the shows. How their lineup consists of some of the very best TV shows out there. Right from CSI, House, 24, Supernatural, The Shield and some others. Right now, I so wish that I hadn’t see all of them. That way, I would get something to look forward to on the TV.

But, anyways some of my favorite TV shows return for their next season sometime later this month. House and Prison Break start from 25th and 17th respectively. There’s CSI Season 8 starting around the same time. Dexter S2 starts too. In all likelihood, I may get a Rapidshare premium account because downloading so many GBs via torrents is something I don’t wanna get into. Probably get it in October since most of these shows resume in second half of September. Speaking of October, it’s that time of the year again.

3 Responses to “The AXN Teasers”

  1. Pallab says:

    Bah. I wont be able to see anything till I get back home for the pujas 🙁
    Btw wasnt pb supposed to start in the last week of august?

  2. Sourabh says:

    Yeah. But it doesn’t. Luckily a 17 min video from the s03e01 episode was ‘leaked’ around the same time. Looked very interesting. Kinda stupid too but I will take everything what PB gives 🙂

    BTW, Opera 9.5 rocks! I’m in love with it. All the major issues with earlier Opera versions have been ironed out. Really! and it loads pages amazingly faster. Will check it out thoroughly now 😀

  3. Pallab says:

    Saw the 1st episode of Pb yesterday (dloaded it at college cybercafe).
    Looks like another breakout is on the cards.

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