Sodding Examinations

This time I’ve been caught napping. Usually my calculations concerning the exams, the preparation required, time at hand, etc… are very good. When you study everything at the last moment, you gotta have that. Now, all thanks to Diwali celebrations, the days leading up to it and those during the actual festival, were wasted cleaning my room, attending to guests, poojas, and all other stuff you’d associate with Diwali.

But now, Diwali is just about to end and the very next day my seventh semester exams begin. So, I have to get out of the festive mood and get in to the serious examination mode for cramming/rapid reading/visual reproduction or all of those. And that has to happen right NOW! It’s 00:25 on Sunday. The first test starts in a day. This is usually the time when i say to myself: the next sem would be different, I will not keep things for the final day, I will try to get the same marks with minimum efforts and so on. But I guess no time to do that either. Unleashing these feelings on a personal blog can do a lot of good to your mental state and that is what I’m banking on right now.

See ya guys sometime later.

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